How Does it Work?

Every item in the store is only $5 on Saturday and Sunday, $3 on Monday, $2 on Tuesday, $1 on Wednesday and Thursday, and only $0.25 on Friday!


Buy anything in the store
for just $5 or less!

Welcome to the hottest place for bargain hunters to discover all kinds of new treasures every week. We guarantee you’ll never pay more than $5 for any item – even when you’re lucky enough to get your hands on something as valuable as a laptop or Xbox. It really does happen!

How can we do it?

When to get
the hottest items

On $5 Restock Day you can find tablets, gaming systems, and cameras


When to get
the best value

On $3 and $2 days you can get household, baby, and décor items


When to get the
biggest deal

By pricing everything at one daily fixed price saves the task of individually pricing items.

Please Respect the
Store Rules

Everyday Store Rules

  • Customers violating any of the rules will be asked to leave.
  • Children must remain with an adult at all times (This is for their safety.) We try to keep the floors as clean as possible but potentially hazardous items may find their way on the floor.
  • All sales are final; no returns, refunds, or exchanges. Please test the items.
  • There is a $10 minimum to run a credit or debit card.

Extended rules for Restock Days

Before Entry

  1. No Camping! Folding chairs are okay, no tents or air mattresses!
  2. Please be respectful of our neighboring businesses; leave your area better than you found it.
  3. Once given a line spot ticket you must remain in line according to that number.
  4. Customers may check out up to 30 minutes:
    1. Return within 30 minutes: patrons will receive their line spot assignment back.
    2. Fail to return in 30 minutes: patron must go to the end of the line.
  5. No Strollers & No Children under the height of 5 Feet between the hours of 8 am – 10 am on Restock Days only. This time period will vary based on the number of customers in the store.
  6. Once children enter the store they must remain with an adult at all times.

Entering Store

  • Only a certain number of customers can enter the store at a time.
  • DO NOT push or run in the store.
  • Do not throw or toss any products in or outside the bins.
  • Opening boxes will result in immediate removal from the store. Ask for employee assistance.
  • Once an employee has assisted in opening boxes have the boxes taped up to keep its contents secure.
  • If we are at capacity: when one customer leaves another may enter.
  • If removed from the store no items may be purchased.


  • Sorry, we no longer allow customers to bring their own bags or carts for shopping on Restock Days.
  • Two 19 gal Ikea bags will be provided to each customer.
  • Keep your bags with you at all times they can no longer be stored against the wall.
  • If left unattended the items within will be returned to the bins.
  • Once your bags are full:
    • please check your items for purchase.
    • return unwanted items to bins and continue shopping.
    • check out the items.
  • After check out customers may return to shop providing there isn’t a line waiting to come in.

Bulk or large items

  • If you would like to purchase a bulk or large item, inspect it first then bring it to the cashier to purchase immediately.
  • Once paid for, the item must be taken to customer’s vehicle. We will not hold any items.


  • There is a $10 minimum to run a credit or debit card.
  • No returns, refunds, or exchanges. Please test items before you purchase them.
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