Is there a limit on how many people can enter the store?

Yes, we will have a max capacity of 75 at all times.

Gimme A $5 Clothing and Half Priced Foods will have a limit of 25 people. The only exception is our Lebanon locations- which will have a limit of 10.

How will the restocks work now?

– We will be restocking on Saturday and Sunday, like normal. 

– 75 people will be allowed in at once. Those 75 people will have 45 minutes to shop and then must be in line to checkout after that 45 minutes is up. That will give us time to sanitize in between each group of customers. 

– You will only be allowed 1 bag at a time.

-Only 1 person per bin at any time.

– Golden Tickets and Early Shopping Passports are suspended for this time period.  They don’t expire, so hold on to them!

– We will be handing out color coded tickets for each hour block of time. Please get a ticket once you arrive and then wait in your car until it is time to enter the store. 

-If you are caught trying to scam the system in any way, you will be immediately banned from all stores for life. We are doing our best to keep everyone safe and operate fairly.

What are your business hours?

We will continue regular business hours from 10-7 Monday through Friday and 8-7 Saturday and Sunday.


Gimme A $5 Clothing will continue regular business hours from 10-7 everyday. Half Priced Foods is continuing normal hours from 10-7 with the first hour every day reserved for elderly and immunocompromised individuals.

What locations are currently open?

All GA5, GA5Clothing, and HPF locations are currently open.

What about bins?

All bins will be 6 feet apart. 

What about employees?

-Employees will be required to check their temperature upon arrival and will be sent home if the temperature is above 100.4.

-All employees are required to wear face masks at all times.

-Employees will be sanitizing all registers and bags after every customer.


What about customers?

-We strongly recommend all customers to wear a face covering and gloves while in the store. These locations currently have mask mandates: Madison, TN; Jackson, TN; Louisville, KY; Lebanon, TN; Owensboro, KY; and Clarksville, TN. 


Clarksville- 12 and under exempt

Lebanon- 12 and under exempt

Madison- 12 and under exempt

Louisville- 5 and under exempt

Jackson- 2 and under exempt

Owensboro- 5 and under exempt


-Only 2 people will be able to use the testing station at once.

-We have marked 6 foot distances between all areas of the store. We encourage customers to not loiter together and maintain distance.

How else are you social distancing?

-We have marked all aisles as one way along with dedicated entrances and exits.

-We have marked 6 foot distances between all areas of the store. We encourage customers to not loiter together and maintain distance.

-We have added plexiglass screens at every register and ask that you stand at the designated spot to maintain a 6 foot distance.

-Bathrooms are for employees only.

-All fitting rooms will be closed until further notice.