Super Restock Weekend

Super Restock Weekend is your chance to score even bigger deals! Once a month we offer a special weekend event with three fun days of savings and prizes.

Scratch Off Friday


What is Scratch Off Friday?

Scratch Off Friday gives you the chance to win your entire purchase for free on Fridays of Super Restock Weekend!

How Do I Win?

You’ll be given a scratch off card when you check out at the register. If you scratch off a jackpot, then your entire purchase is free AND you’ll receive a golden ticket!

Treasure Hunt Saturday


What is Treasure Hunt Saturday?

On Saturdays of Super Restock Weekend we hide treasure chests all over the store that contain special prizes!

How Do I Win?

Keep your eyes open for these treasure chests scattered throughout the store. If you find one while you are shopping, then you’ll win a prize! No purchase necessary!

Double Point Sunday


What is Double Point Sunday?

Double Point Sunday let’s you earn twice the points in our App Card loyalty program for purchases made on Sundays of Super Restock Weekend!

How Do I Earn?

Make sure you’re signed up for our App Card loyalty program and start shopping on Double Point Sunday!

Super Restock Weekend Updates