Real-life Treasure Hunting

All Items start at Only $5 then discount daily!

Free Entry – no tickets needed!

We restock every Weekend!

Buy anything in the store
for just $5 or less!

All items on Saturday and Sunday are only $5 – yes, even items as valuable as a laptop or Xbox!

The prices of any remaining products continue to drop each day until only 25 cents on Friday. Then a brand new shipment of products is brought in on Saturday and the pricing cycle starts back at $5 again.

Every week is another chance to score amazing deals!

How Can We Do It?

We only buy

By purchasing truckloads of returns, overstock, and seasonal items we can offer our customers incredibly low prices.


We do not use retail shelving

By placing merchandise in bins we spare our customers the added expense of organizing and stocking shelves.


We flat price

By pricing everything at one daily fixed price we avoid the extra cost of hours spent pricing products individually.

Our customers LOVE us!

I love this store and I have found many awesome things. Half of the fun is the search and you never know what you'll find. So go check it out for your self but beware it's addictive.
shawn Caudill
07:41 02 Feb 18
Save $$$& come in. Stylish clothes& great products. Friendly staff& good location. Great place to shop on a fixed budget.
Tammie Vaughn
22:18 03 Mar 18
I love this store. If you get there at the right time you can find some good deals. I recommend.using the gloves provided to go through the bins as everyone is touching everything and spreading germs.
T Ruff
02:11 04 Jan 18
I absolutely enjoy my visits. You never know what will be there and the prices are very fair. I have purchased appliances worth over 100 for 5. I have purchased other products there well under retail value. Outlets and batteries are available to test products prior to purchase. I enjoy the treasure hunt for prizes too.. Check this place out but beware... It is quite addictive...😉😉
Dedre Hetherington
17:10 07 Mar 18
Great low prices and good products just make sure you check it out before you buy it because sometimes items be missing.
latasha maben
06:21 27 Jun 18
Great place for getting things extra cheap. Just takes patients to dig thru bins.
william tummins
16:56 10 Aug 18
Great service and easy process love the pretty ladies at checkout wooo hooo I'll be back
marvin cox
17:41 01 Sep 18
This place is awesome! Check it out and be prepared to spend some time rustling through all the bins.
Mary Ann Bower
03:16 15 Sep 18
Always find great things and everyone is very nice and helpful!
laura valdes
03:36 24 Oct 18
You have to look through a lot of stuff but there are some good finds to be had.
matt black
19:24 26 Oct 18
This place was Great! Store manager Ronnie was the best.
The Martinez Family
21:32 23 Nov 18
Be prepared to dig but you will find treasures!
Renee Morgan
19:13 06 Dec 18
Love this place. Purchased two rugs and the phone holder you place on your neck. Very awesome place. Always has something new, and affordable.
Samantha Garcia
15:12 19 Dec 18
Great place for the bargain shopper to dig around and hit pay dirt. The day of the week depends on the price you'll pay for your items. Later in the week, the cheaper they go. Even down to a quarter! You have to put in some work but it certainly beats full price for the same brand new items. Get in there and find you some deals!
Jessica Pentecost
12:53 30 Dec 18
I enjoy going to all the gimme a 5 stores ! It's exciting and a lot of fun digging through the bins hunting for Treasures.
lori welsh
11:40 12 Jan 19
We went on dollar day and got all kinds of cool gadgets!!!
Beverly Quickel
02:51 27 Jan 19
Absolutely love this store ! My friend and I try to go as often as possible ! I have found lots of good items for cheap cheap cheap ! For example I recently replaced all my recessed can lights in my kitchen with flush mount led lights that I bought on $1 day at gimme A $5
Christian Pinkley
04:07 10 Apr 19
pretty cool place. I think it's a setup where ever you go. Employees hide good stuff.
James Stewart
16:52 20 Apr 19
Love your store. Dickson is my favorite. Need to get to Columbia more often Very addicted. Best deals anywhere.
Barbara Yocom
20:26 27 Apr 19
Great deals! Wonderful employees! I ALWAYS leave with something special that really makes me glad I stopped by. I LOVE THIS STORE!
Jeannette Dunn
04:12 06 May 19
I enjoy digging through crates looking for treasure.
Ms Natalie
22:54 31 May 19
Love going here, you can find some great stuff here
Jeannie Martin
01:20 25 Jul 19
My mom and I love going here.. lots of fun never know what u find
Christopher Jarnagin
08:39 25 Jul 19
It was so much fun. I bought 17 items and they were a great buy.
Therese Gray
20:14 06 Aug 19
Well organized chaos. Digging through piles in the bins for treasures. Employees were helpful. Will definately do it again.
Mike Van Schuyver
15:12 24 Aug 19
Never know what your going to find for amazing price very addicting if you don’t mind hunting through bins
Tashawna Alberd
08:13 26 Aug 19
Awesome deals. Or should I say steals, cause I got 2 flower pots for 25¢ each. Good quality merchandise that changes every week.
Cheryl Smith
19:17 12 Sep 19


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