How Does it Work?

Saturday & Sunday

Get a shot to snag the hottest items like electronics on $5 Restock Days.


Monday – Thursday

Get the best value on items like household goods on $3, $2, & $1 days.



Get the biggest deal on Fridays when everything is reduced to only $0.25!

Weekly Pricing Flyer

Store Rules:
Saturday & Sunday

Waiting In Line

No strollers & no children under 5 feet tall from 8 am – 10 am on Restock Days.

You must remain in the same line spot number listed on your ticket. There is no skipping and no one can hold a spot in line for someone else.

No Camping! Folding chairs are okay, but no tents or air mattresses!

You may leave your spot in line for up to 30 minutes. If you do not return within 30 minutes then you lose your spot and must go to the back of the line.


Do not open product boxes on your own. You must ask for employee assistance or you will be removed from the store.

Keep your bags with you at all times. If left unattended, the items in your bags will be returned to the bins.

Do not throw or toss any products into or outside the bins.

We provide two 19 gallon bags to shop. We no longer allow customers to bring their own bags on Restock Days.

The store can only fit a certain number of shoppers at a time. If at capacity, a customer may only enter after one leaves.

For everyone’s safety, DO NOT push anyone or run in the store.


Once your bags are full, test all items to make sure they work and then purchase at the checkout counter.

If you’d like to purchase a large or bulky item, inspect it and bring it to the cashier to purchase immediately.

After checking out, customers may return to shop again if there is no one waiting in line to enter the store.

Large and bulky items must be loaded into your vehicle immediately. We will not hold any large or bulky items.

Store Rules:
Monday – Friday

For safety, children must remain with an adult at all times.

All sales are final. There are no returns, refunds, or exchanges.

There is a $10 minimum charge to run a credit or debit card.

Rookie Mistakes

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

Please see our locations page.

What are your hours?

Normal Store Hours:
Monday – Friday: 10 am to 7 pm

Restock Day Hours:
Saturday & Sunday: 8 am to 7 pm

What types of products do you sell?

You just never know! And neither do we. That’s a big part of the excitement that keeps people coming back week after week.

What we can tell you is that most of what we offer is new – usually overstock, out of season, or return merchandise from big-name retailers.

Our clothing-only stores feature clothing for men, women, children, and even pets in all sizes.

How does pricing work?

All items on Saturday and Sunday are only $5 – yes, even items as valuable as a laptop or Xbox!

The prices of any remaining products continue to drop each day until only 25 cents on Friday. Then a brand new shipment of products is brought in on Saturday and the pricing cycle starts back at $5 again.

How often do you restock?

Every Saturday and Sunday.

What time can we start lining up outside the store?

You can start lining up whenever you like. We only ask if you come to hangout overnight that you do not camp; folding chairs are fine.

Do not use the restroom in public – you can be arrested for public indecency!

PLEASE be aware of your surroundings and come in groups because your life is worth more than a good deal.

When are line spot tickets given out?

Times will vary on when line spot tickets will be given out.

To receive a line spot ticket, you must be in line at the time the tickets are handed out. DO NOT go to the person handing out tickets – they will come to you.

One ticket per person and spot holding is not allowed. If you are out of line at the time the tickets were handed out you must go to the end of the line.

Once I get my line spot ticket can I leave?

No! You may only go to your car to put away items like folding chairs, bags, etc. If you leave the parking lot you are forfeiting your spot in line.

Can I bring my kids?

Kids are only allowed in the store on Monday – Friday.

For safety reasons, we DO NOT children under the height of 5 feet, strollers, and baby carriers into the store between the hours of 8 am – 10 am on Restock Days (Saturday & Sunday).

If you are an adult (18+) under 5 feet tall, you are allowed in the store at all times on Restock Days.

Can we bring our own bags?

On Monday – Friday you can bring any size bag or cart as long as it is stored against the wall and not in the aisles. It is up to you to keep an eye on your things – employees will not watch them! Any outside bag brought into the store is subject to search.

On Restock Days (Saturday & Sunday) we provide shopping bags for each customer. Customers must remain with their bags at all times – no excuses!

No backpacks of any kind are permitted in our stores on any day.

What do I do if I find a sealed box while shopping?

You must ask employees to open sealed boxes for you – this is for your safety!

Once you have inspected the contents of a box, an employee will tape the box back up for you.

What payments do you accept?

We take cash, plus all major credit/debit cards ($10 minimum purchase). We do not accept checks.

What is your return/exchange policy?

Everything is sold as-is. Sorry, but we cannot accept returns, refunds, or exchanges.

We highly encourage our customers to test all items before purchasing them.

We get our stock from returns, refurbished, and out of season items. There is a chance a product may not work or it can be an easy fix if you are handy.

There are plug testing stations in the stores. If you need batteries to test an item, then ask an associate as they may have some at the register.

In some cases you may not be able to fully test whether or not a product works. Since we price our items at $5 or less, many of our customers find that it is worth taking a chance on a product because it is so inexpensive.

Do you have sales?

Yes! Once a month we have Super Restock Weekend events. Visit our Super Restock Weekend Page to learn more!

Do you have a customer loyalty program?

Yes! We have a customer loyalty program through a service called AppCard. For more information, please visit our loyalty program page.

What is a Golden Ticket?

A Golden Ticket let’s you skip to the front of the line on a Restock Day. You can win a Golden Ticket by entering into our weekly drawing. All you have to do is share a photo of your shopping experience with the hashtag #GA5Finds on Facebook and Instagram! Golden Tickets are non-transferable.

To use it you must register your Golden Ticket on our ticket website. Register quickly because we only have a limited number of slots available per Restock.


What is an Early Shopper Passport?

An Early Shopper Passport let’s you and 2 other Passport holders shop 15 minutes before the store officially opens on Restock Day. You can win a Passport by entering into our weekly drawing. All you have to do is share a photo of your shopping experience with the hashtag #GA5Finds on Facebook and Instagram! Passports are non-transferable.

To use your ticket you must register it on our ticket website. Register quickly because we only have a limited number of slots available per Restock Day.

*Please note: We do not accept Early Shopping Passes for Treasure Hunt Saturday during Super Restock Weekends

I'm interested in working at Gimme A $5! Are you hiring?

Yes! We are always looking to add hardworking individuals to our team. Visit our Jobs page to search for open positions and apply online!