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$5 Fill A Bag Friday All Year Long! 🎊

For just $100, this special GA5 bag will allow you to claim our $5 fill-a-bag promo EVERY FRIDAY no matter what! This bag will also give you access to exclusive $5 fill-a-bag promo days!

LIMITED QUANITY AVAILABLE, so don’t wait, because once they are sold out, they’re gone!

The name on your order must match the name that is using the bag! 

FAQ and terms:

Do they expire? Not until 12/31/21.

Can I use it on Black Friday? No, Black Friday is a restock.

Can I buy more than one? One bag per person.

Can I use my bag multiple times on a Friday? Yes, you can fill up your bag as many times as you would like on a Friday.

Can I share my bag with a family member or friend? No, your bag will be attached to your name and can only be used by you.

How will I show proof of ownership? You’ll be required to show your ID at the time of purchase, and it must match the bag ID.

When can I use my bag? Every Friday, no matter what! It will also gain you access to exclusive $5 bag sales for members only.

How much do I pay when I fill up my bag? You still pay $5 every time you fill up your bag. The benefit of having this bag is, it allows you to get the $5 bag promo every Friday, no matter if the store is hosting one or not.

What happens if I lose my barcode tag? Your old one will be terminated, and you can purchase a new one by emailing [email protected]

What happens if I rip, damage, or lose my bag? Your barcode tag will be terminated, and you can buy another one by email [email protected]

Are there refunds or exchanges? The same rules apply in-store. No refunds or exchanges.

How will I get my bag? We’re mailing them out and will begin shipping ASAP! Please make sure your address is correct.

Do I have to have this bag to shop $5 bag sales in the future? There will not be company-wide $5 bags at all this year, so you have to one to get the deal!

Additional information

Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 12 × 12 in


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